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Omron HBF-222T Body Composition Monitor

Brand name : Omron
Model name : HBF-222T
Product type : Body Composition Monitor
Warranty: 1 year
M.R.P.: ₹ 5,950.00
Price: 4,200.00

₹ 640.68 Incl. tax  
You Save: ₹ 1,750.00 (29%)

In Stock

  • Body Fat percentage
  • Visceral Fat level
  • Body Age display
  • Body weight
  • Skeletal muscle %
  • Body Mass Index( BMI)
  • Resting Metabolism Display
  • Advanced embedded Bluetooth connectivity
  • 4 Users Memory with Auto Recognition

Omron HBF-222T Body Composition Monitor

Omron Body Composition Monitor HBF-222T helps you to connect with your Bluetooth and track your body mass index, body fat percent, visceral fat, body weight, skeletal mass and access the data on your smart devices. 

The memory of this device can store the data of upto 4 users and the auto-recognition is ease to use as you only need to enter the data in the very first use and later it auto fetches your data. 

Get complete insights of your body by bringing home this scale and incentivize your diet and fitness regime.



Weight Accuracy

2.0kg to 40.0Kg(+ or -0.4kg)
40.0kg to 150.0kg(+ or - 1%)

Power source

4AA manganese batteries [R6], AA alkaline batteries included


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