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Medtech Oxytec Smart Oxygen concentrator 5 LPM

Brand name : Medtech
Model name : Oxytec Smart
Product type : Oxygen concentrator-5L/min
Warranty : 1 year
M.R.P.: ₹ 72,000.00
Price: 40,500.00

₹ 4,339.29 Incl. tax  
You Save: ₹ 31,500.00 (44%)

In Stock

  • Lightweight, compact and noise free
  • Low power - Average 330 watts
  • Extensive Ventilation
  • 0-51pm up to 95% pure oxygen
  • Stainless Steel Oxygen Outlet to avoid breakage
  • Reset switch on front panel
  • ON/OFF Switch when ON, is inside the machine body, reduced chance of accidently shutting off the machine
  • Front panel indicators to know machine status.
Medtech Oxytec Smart Oxygen concentrator 5 LPM 

The atmosphere we live in consists of a mixture of gases which predominantly consists of Nitrogen~78% and other gases. But with the increasing level of Urbanization and with the decreasing Air Quality Index ,the post pandemic situation has even worsened the existing condition and risen our demand to be dependent on additional oxygen.

This Medtech Oxytec Smart Oxygen concentrator provides you with approx. 95% of oxygen support in its purest form.

This device is used 
    To Strengthen your heart, reducing the risk of heart attacks
    To Detoxify your Blood, Raise Energy Levels
    To Improve Strength & Build Endurance
    To Revitalize the skin
    To Prevent disease, relieve hangovers
    To Help fight off depression




        Flow Rate

        1 – 5 lpm

        O2 Concentration

        90% + 5.5% / – 3%

        Power Consumption

        300 watts approximately


        580 mm x 495 mm x 597mm (Lx W x H)


        35 lbs (16 kg) approximately

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